About Us


Munchie Mug Canada began in late 2016, when my oldest daughter Eva was only 1 year old. It seemed like no snack container stood a chance at containing her messes - even when they claimed to be spill-proof. But then, enter the Munchie Mug! It was the first snack container that genuinely kept all her crumbs inside with it's ingenious design, and it was super gentle on her hands. 

My personal love for this product, and my firm belief that every single parent and child will greatly benefit from using it (along with popular demand), fuelled the dream that is Munchie Mug Canada. Working with the amazing mom-run, dad-invented, family-minded manufacturers of the Munchie Mug, I've been able to open up the Canadian Market and bring the Munchie Mug to all of you North of the border!

I stand behind their company, their product and their mission, and I guarantee you will LOVE their product, too!!

- Alyssa


Shop LOCAL - we’re so grateful to all of our customers and supporters and wanted to let you know that Munchie Mug truly is a small, family run business!

Just a word on what it means to be “local”. I’ve had a lot of people ask me if I’m really a local business because the Mugs are manufactured in California. I can see where they’re coming from, but did you know that many local shops and businesses outsource their supplies from other countries?

But I AM a local mama, (Steveston born and raised, now living in South Surrey), I run Munchie Mug Canada completely on my own (with Hubby’s support), between my regular day-job, naps, preschool drop-offs and after my kiddos go to sleep. I pick up all the Mug components myself over the border, and I PERSONALLY assemble each Mug myself for every single order you receive or see in store. After assembling every Mug, I then package, barcode, invoice and process every order, stuff every box with thank-you cards, print off all the shipping labels, and then drag my kids to the Post Office to send your orders out (sometimes I make several trips in one day to make sure they get to you on time!). 

Between packing orders, I’m hustling on emails and phone calls to recruit new retailers that many customers have asked me to contact, and this doesn’t even include social media marketing, collaborations, markets and advertising!

Ooh if you only knew what the small shop community does to market their products and try to ensure their posts are seen. Believe me when I say, we really do do a happy dance when you place an order from our stores and support the crazy moms sitting behind each of these accounts. The amount of time, thought, stress and love - YES LOVE! - that goes into our businesses is unheard of. But it’s because we love our products and love the idea of getting to spend more time home with the ones we love that drives us to keep at it.

So when you ask me if I’m really a Canadian local small shop, I have no qualms saying, YES! There’s a local family from YOUR community behind Munchie Mug Canada and when you buy from us, you’re supporting US! Thank you!!!